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About Super Combat Arena!

Super Combat Arena! is an in development 2D action survival game. In Super Combat Arena you must fight against waves of enemies whilst upgrading your characters abilities to aid you. Currently there are an endless number of waves which get increasingly difficult. The leveling up is also infinite.

Notes for this release!

In this release (Prototype) there is only one playable character, the Knight. There are two playable levels both featuring the same enemies and wave spawns (for now). All other notes can be found on the "Patch Notes" option on the Main Menu.


Use W A S D to Move
SPACEBAR to Jump (Double tap for double jump)
Use J K L to Attack

Plans for the game!

We have many plans for the game, and after a successful prototype we are only implementing these faster. We hope to add many, if not all, of the following:

+ Multiplayer (PvP, Co-Op, Race to the Top)
+ 100's of enemies
+ Many new playable characters and levels
+ A Combo system
+ Better AI
+ Boss fights
+ Bonus rounds
+ Ranked PvP
+ Player Leveling Up! (Online)
+ Random (But fair) rounds
+ and much more!

About Frozen Vortex Games!

Frozen Vortex Games is a development team made up of 14/15 year olds. We all hope to have a future in the game development business. We are located all around the world (England, Belgium, Norway) and communicate daily on Skype. We are all creating games as a learning process, not a money making scheme, as we all want to develop our skills now for the future!

Thanks for playing, and if you're interested, or you liked the game; feel free to donate, or contact us! (Details Below)

We are also looking for new members to join the team, if you don't mind working for free, or with people fresh to game development, contact us via Skype or email!

Twitter - www.twitter.com/Brannydonowt
Skype - Brannydonowt
Email - frozenvortexgames@hotmail.com